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We bring you all elements to create a successful, secure digital transformation
We provide customized app strategies for your business.
iOS and Android mobile application development and deployment.
Modern Management of Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

We provide complete consulting solutions

When it comes to web or mobile app development services, our Tech consulting company is a preferred firm providing industry-focused IT consulting solutions as per the specific requirements of our clients. Here are some of the benefits of availing our services:
  • Skilled technology consultants
  • Improve performance, productivity and drive growth initiatives
  • Best practice of organization of IT service projects
  • Industry specific technology consulting
  • Track progress via easy communication- Chat, Skype, and Phone


Latest news and trends from the tech world

This proposed law to protect child safety could put your security at risk

Depending on who you ask, the EARN IT Act could either destroy the fundamental values of an open internet or protect children from being sexually exploited online. The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act, which requires tech companies to meet safety requirements for children online before obtaining immunity from lawsuits, will have its first…


News to use, for youse: Where to find info about Office 365

Once in a while Computerworld comes across an informational bit that’s so good — no, great — that it deserves to be shared with as many as possible even though we didn’t think it up. Call it “News to use, for youse” — we are — or a PSA (public service announcement) — we aren’t — even…


PC Won’t Stay in Sleep Mode: Windows 10 Update Blamed

An optional update to Windows 10 reportedly won’t allow certain devices to remain asleep even with their lids closed. How much can an optional Windows 10 update break? It’s starting to seem like Microsoft tried to find out with the KB4535996 update, because Windows Latest reported Saturday that the update has prevented certain devices from staying in sleep…


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When it comes to web or mobile app development services, our Tech consulting company is a preferred firm providing industry-focused IT consulting solutions as per the specific requirements of our clients.



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